Sentence Examples with the word monitor

A monitor measured every heartbeat, and a perpetual sphygmometer encircled his arm.

Quinn, maybe you should monitor your gizmo stuff in case it has anything to do with this.

The baby monitor crackled to life with a sharp cry.

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It will monitor for levels of CO2, smoke, fire, odd variants in temperatures, chemical emissions, and so on.

It's my responsibility to monitor and deter them in the mortal world, Rhyn said.

For the protection of the base, a monitor was stationed in Pegwell Bay, and searchlights and heavy and anti-aircraft guns were mounted at many points.

He turned away from the monitor and searched her face again.

The monitor is popularly known as the goanna, a name derived from the iguana, an entirely different animal.

A tow-haired boy happily dropped a Marlboro cigarette box in the churning water and then ran downstream to monitor its progress.

Sensors can constantly monitor moisture levels in the soil, the size and color of the plants, air quality, nutrient levels in the soil, amount of sunlight, and hundreds of other variables.