Sentence Examples with the word monies

Hell, as long as Dawkins was swiping his last brew, he might as well get his monies worth.

The agent concerned filed additional monies on 20 April which were credited to his account on 25 April 2013.

The original reason for this was the reverence monies attaching to the memory of the Confessor, whose shrine and monu- stands in the central chapel behind the high altar.

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They spent monies previously earmarked for the Galashiels facility.

All sponsorship monies from this year's races are going to community projects in the Congo.

There was evidence that the candidate would have sufficient monies to meet tutorial fees and subsistence costs while studying at the university.

Should payment not be forthcoming then NUS would move to recover monies owed.

He was acting against a clearing bank in relation to the recovery of substantial monies fraudulently obtained by a former employee and his accomplices.

Any outstanding monies should be sent into the office by Monday 16th January please.

Note for students: Newi is unable to refund any monies charged to a student's print account.