Sentence Examples with the word mongolian

The Christians made efforts to creep back to their former possessions and churches were rebuilt in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth; but another devastation was the result of the ferocious inroads of the Mongolian Timur (Tamerlane) in 1400.

See also for ethnological questions, Mongolian hypothesis: K.

The Mongolian or Great Altai, on the other hand, consists mainly of gneiss and Archaean rocks.

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The Arab geographers considered it impregnable, and from its steep approaches and well-arranged defences it was able to offer a protracted resistance to the Mongolian conqueror Hulagu and to the armies of Timur.

The Great, king of Parthia (c. 120-88 B.C.), saved the kingdom from the Mongolian Sacae (Tochari), who had occupied Bactria and eastern Iran, and is said to have extended the limits of the empire (Justin 42, 2, where he is afterwards confused with Mithradates III.).

The Nan-shan highlands have their foot on the Mongolian plateau (average altitude, 4000 ft.), i.e.

By far the largest area is occupied by the Mongolian group. These have yellow-brown skins, black eyes and hair, flat noses and oblique eyes.

Schmidt published his Grammatik der tibetischen Sprache in 1839 and his Tibetisch-deutsches Worterbuch in 1841, but neither of these works justified the great pretensions of the author, whose access to Mongolian sources had enabled him to enrich the results of his labours with a certain amount of information unknown to his predecessors.

Probably it was the great migrations of the Mongolian race that first put an end to Manichaeism in Central Asia.

But even apart from obliqueness, the shape of the corners is peculiar in the Mongolian eye.