Sentence Examples with the word monday

I told her I'd take her to Grand Junction on Monday morning.

Mr. Anagnos went to Louisville Monday to see little blind children.

It's the first Monday after I walked out on my job.

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The latest entry dated Monday showed a mileage figure and the starting point of Parkside, Pennsylvania.

Granted a yearly fair extending from the eve of Whitsun to the Monday after Trinity and a weekly market on Wednesday, but some time before 1787 the market day was changed to Tuesday.

General elections are held biennially, in even-numbered years, the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, and each new administration begins the first Monday in the following January.

That of Lent, lasting 48 days, from the Monday of Sexagesima to Easter eve; that of Advent, 39 days, from November 15 to Christmas eve; that of the Theotokos (vflvTEia Tits Oeotokov), from August i to August 15; that of the Holy Apostles, lasting a variable number of days from the Monday after Trinity; (3) The minor yearly fasts before Epiphany, before Whitsunday, before the feasts of the transfiguration, the invention of the cross, the beheading of John the Baptist.

Last Monday Simpson shot a pretty crane.

The election of the governor, members of the General Assembly and congressmen is held biennially, in even numbered years, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, but the election of judicial and county officers is held on the first Thursday in August.

Another charter, dated 1271, confirms to Richard de Grenville and his heirs a market every Monday and five days' fair yearly at the feast of St Margaret (loth of July).