Sentence Examples with the word monasticism

He had no difficulties in respect of the teaching and practice of his church, being in truth an ardent Ultramontane in doctrine, as was all but inevitable in his time and circumstances, and his great merit was the instinctive tact which showed him that the system of monasticism could never be the leaven of secular life, but that something more homely, simple, and everyday in character was needed for the new time.

The history of monasticism is one of alternate periods of decay and revival.

Like the new theology and the new science of law, the new monasticism was also rooted in Latin soil.

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But they were 2 It has been suggestively said that Cynicism was to Stoicism what monasticism was to early Christianity.

Feasy's Monasticism (1898), and F.

The views of the new Protestantism concerning monasticism are probably no less excessive than those of the old.

But with the 10th century we reach the period of orders, and it is on this line that all subsequent developments in Western monasticism have run.

However, the eastern hankering after the eremitical life long survived, and it was only by dint of legislation, both ecclesiastical (council of Chalcedon) and civil (Justinian Code), that the Basilian cenobitic form of monasticism came to prevail throughout the Greek-speaking lands, though the eremitical forms have always maintained themselves.

Another view, promulgated like the above by Hector Boece in his Latin history of Scotland (1516), makes them the direct successors in the 9th to the 12th century of the organized Irish and Iona monasticism of the 6th to the 8th century.

As the election of any cardinal seemed impossible, on the 5th of July 1294 the Sacred College united on Pietro di Morrone; the cardinals expected to rule in the name of the celebrated but incapable ascetic. Apocalyptic notions then current doubtless aided his election, for Joachim of Floris and his school looked to monasticism to furnish deliverance to the church and to the world.