Sentence Examples with the word monarchist

The convocation of the states-general was about to take place, wrung, as in all minorities, from the royal weaknessthis time by Cond; so the elections were influenced in the monarchist interest.

France had, indeed, remained monarchist at heart for all her revolutionary appearance; and Bonaparte added but a name, though an.

The second son, Prince Louis Napoleon, an officer in the Russian army, showed a steadier disposition, and was more favoured in some monarchist quarters; in 1906 he was made governor of the Caucasus.

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Government of Bedford, disgust at the iniquitous treaty of Troyes, the monarchist loyalty of many of the warriors, the still deeper sentiment felt by men like Alain Chartier towards Dame France, and the great misery that there was in the kingdom of France; all these suddenly became incarnate in the person of Joan of Arc, a young peasant of Domrmy in Lorraine.

Attacked both by the Monarchist and the Republican press, he resigned in May.

Besides these two monarchist parties - the Regenerators or Conservative right and the Progressives or Constitutional left - a strong Republican party was formed in 1881.

Though he remained, to the end, firm in his belief that there had been an active monarchist party, 2 this obsession did not carry him out of touch with the realities of human nature and of his time.

The dauphins flight from Paris excited a wild outburst of monarchist loyalty and anger against the capital among the nobility and in the statesgeneral of Compigne.

The Freemasons had been largely instrumental in overthrowing Iturbide; they now divided into the Escoceses (lodges of the Scottish ritual), who were Monarchist and Centralist, and the Yorkinos, who took their ritual from New York, and their cue, it was alleged, from the American minister, Joel Poinsett.

A coalition ministry, representing all the monarchist parties, was formed under the presidency of Admiral Ferreira do Amaral.