Sentence Examples with the word monarchic

The constitution, therefore, had a monarchic head.

Of the two contrary currents which have continually mingled and conflicted throughout the course of French history, that of monarchic absolutism and that of aristocratic and democratic liberty, the former was now to carry all before it.

Towards the end of Villele's ministry, when there was a movement of public opinion in favour of extending municipal liberties, he undertook the defence of the threatened system of centralization, and composed, in answer to Raynouard, an Histoire critique du pouvoir municipal depuis l'origine de la monarchic jusqu'a nos jours (1828).

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Were published 1856-1865) Monuments de la monarchic francaise Histoire litteraire de la France (16 other vols.

Cibranios Stone della monarchic pieniontese (Turin, I84o), and P. Caruttis .Sloria della diplomazia delta corte di Savoia (Rome, 1875).

No doubt by the prohibition to levy the smallest taille the feudal lords escaped direct taxation; but from the day when the privileged classes selfishly allowed the taxing of the third estate, provided that they themselves were exempt, they opened the door to monarchic absolutism.

From this point (c. 1150 B.C.) - the point at which (roughly) the monarchic history of Israel in Palestine opens - Egyptian records cease to mention Kheta; and as we know from other sources that the latter continued powerful in Carchemish for some centuries to come, we must presume that the rise of the Israelite state interposed an effective political barrier.