Sentence Examples with the word mon

The betel-vine is largely cultivated along the Mon River.

Cher Ami, instead of, in the customary language of sovereigns, as Monsieur Mon Frre.

Oh yes, mon cher, he is the greatest man of the ages past or future.

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Mais, mon cher, I did this for my own sake, to satisfy my conscience, and there is nothing to thank me for.

In 1888 a special course of German literature was inaugurated at the Imperial University, and with it is associated the name of Mon Ogai, Japans most faithful interpreter of German thought and speech.

But still he and those about him retained their old habits: wrote commands, letters, reports, and orders of the day; called one another sire, mon cousin, prince d'Eckmuhl, roi de Naples, and so on.

Between ourselves, mon cher, do you belong to the Masons? he went on severely, as though there were something wrong about it which he nevertheless intended to pardon.

Piot.; Mon et Mem., XXII., I (1916); (24) Hall, in Camb.

I wished to get a nap, mon cousin, but I can't.

To the westward there is a rapid drop to the wellwatered valley of the Yaw River, and then a rise over broken, dry country before the valleys of the Myit-tha and Mon rivers are reached.