Sentence Examples with the word mommsen

Xxviii.) couples her name with that of Cornelia, the mother of the Gracchi, as an example of the Roman matron 1 In spite of the explicit statements of Suetonius, Plutarch and Appian that Caesar was in his fifty-sixth year at the time of his murder, it is, as Mommsen has shown, practically certain that he was born in 102 B.C., since he held the chief offices of state in regular order, beginning with the aedileship in 65 B.C., and the legal age for this was fixed at 37-38.

To this period Mommsen assigns the regulation, generally attributed to Augustus, that the sons of senators should be knights by right of birth.

We must, however (as Mommsen points out in C.I.L.

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The question whether Trajan's Oriental policy was wise is answered emphatically by Mommsen in the affirmative.

He became a great authority on the history and antiquities of Roman Britain and was entrusted by Mommsen with the editing of the British section of the Corpus Inscriptionum (see 18.683).

Kluckhohn, Luise, Konigin von Preussen (1876); Mommsen and Treitschke, Konigin Luise (1876); in English, Hudson, Life and Times of Louisa, Queen of Prussia (1874); G.

A paper by Mommsen in Hermes, iii.

Of the war that followed we have very various accounts; Mommsen leans to that which is least favourable to the Romans.

Otherwise, as Mommsen says, the Getica is a mera epitome, laxata ea et perversa, historiae Gothicae Cassiodorianae.

Collated and the great pains taken to ensure textual accuracy on the part of the different editors, among whom may be mentioned Mommsen aud Lappenberg.