Sentence Examples with the word momentous

Although in a strikingly different manner and with far more momentous results for the western world.

But these years were momentous for Judaism.

It was a momentous step, the essential prePassing of liminary to that fusion of the white races of South Act of Africa upon which the prosperity of the country depends; and a step rendering easier the ultimate 1909.

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Now these three mates--Starbuck, Stubb, and Flask, were momentous men.

His son, Leif Ericsson, and others of his followers were concerned in the discovery of the North American coast (see Vinland), which, but for the isolation of Iceland from the centres of European awakening, would have had momentous consequences.

The discovery by Richard Bright (1789-1858) of the disease of the kidneys known by his name proved to be one of the most momentous of the century.

After 1867 the greatest of modern Hungarian statesmen, Francis Peak, attached Csengery to his personal service, and many of the momentous state documents inspired or suggested by Peak were drawn up by Csengery.

What political aspirations were revived, what other writers were inspired by these momentous events are questions of inference.

Had that dynasty been prolonged for another century, there is every reason to suppose that it would also have dealt satisfactorily with Poland's still more dangerous internal difficulties, and arrested the development of that anarchical constitution which was the ruling factor in the ruin of the Republic. Simultaneously with the transformation into a great power of the petty principalities which composed ancient Poland, another and equally momentous political transformation was proceeding within the country itself.

His fine presence and his tact on ceremonial occasions rendered the state some service when in 1896 he received the Tsar of Russia at Paris, and in 1897 returned his visit, after which meeting the momentous Franco-Russian alliance was publicly announced.