Sentence Examples with the word momentarily

Finally they descended into a low place in the ravine, momentarily putting an outcropping between them and the Indians who waited.

His fame lives in Eastern history as the conqueror who stemmed the tide of Western conquest on the East, and turned it definitely from East to West, as the hero who momentarily united the unruly East, and as the saint who realized in his personality the highest virtues and ideals of Mahommedanism.

He momentarily thought of entering the rabbinate, but he was unsuited to that career.

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In the imperial administration, the corruption and long-established abuses which had momentarily vanished, began to reappear.

The engagement was indecisive in its results, but the Union commander's purpose, to hold Hood momentarily in check, was gained, and Hood's effort to crush Schofield was unavailing.

If he were serious, it can only be said that the desperation of his circumstances had momentarily troubled the lucidity of his understanding; if the pamphlet were merely intended as a feeler after public opinion, it is surprising that he did not perceive how irretrievably he was ruining his friends in the eyes of all moderate men.

Dean momentarily opened his eyes to the swaying end of the cut line across from him.

Her attention was diverted momentarily to the officer who was watching her with concern.

Impact.-If a vertical load is imposed suddenly, but without velocity, work is done during deflection, and the deformation and stress are momentarily double those due to the same load at rest on the structure.

Alex was momentarily taken by surprise, but appeared to have no problem maintaining his erect status in the saddle.