Sentence Examples with the word mollusca

Hanley, History of British Mollusca (4 vols., London, 1853) Alder and Hancock, Monograph of British Nudibranchiate Mollusca (London, Roy.

Each of the principal groups of true mollusca was represented: Pelecypods (Modioloides); Gasteropods (Scenella, Pleurotomaria, Trochonema); Pteropods (Hyolithellus, Hyo- tithes, Salterella); Cephalopods (Orthoceras, Cystoceras).

At the same time, three of the classes considered by him as Mollusca have been one by one removed from that association in consequence of improved knowledge, and one additional class, incorporated since his day with the Mollusca with general approval, has, after more than forty years, been again detached and assigned an independent position owing to newly acquired knowledge.

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The first of Cuvier's classes to be removed from the Mollusca was that of the Cirrhopoda.

His earlier publications were on zoology; he dealt with the Amphibia (1839), Reptiles (1840), with Mollusca and Crustacea (1845) and more generally with the invertebrate fauna of the Mediterranean (1854).

It is remarkable that in Scaphopoda only among Mollusca the blood-spaces are in communication with the external medium: a pair of apertures near the renal openings lead from the perianal sinus to the exterior and allow the blood to escape during violent contractions of the body.

Anatomic, Berlin, 1845) as that of a primary division of animals, the others recognized in that treatise being Protozoa, Zoophyta, Vermes, Mollusca and Vertebrata.

On the whole, then, the most probable conclusion is that the original ancestral form of the Mollusca was unsegmented, possessed one pair of true nephridia, and one pair of coelomic ducts whose function was to conduct the generative products to the exterior.

P. Woodward, Manual of the Mollusca (2nd ed., with appendix, London, 1869); E.

The egg-cell of Mollusca is either free from food-material - a simple protoplasmic corpuscle or charged with food-material to a greater or less extent.