Sentence Examples with the word molest

They turned the tables on the pope by engaging Hawkwood, and although the Bretons by order of Cardinal Robert of Geneva (afterwards the anti-pope Clement VII.) committed frightful atrocities in Romagna, their captains were bribed by the republic not to molest its territory.

For example, even many months after the beginning of the war advertisements were to be read in all the papers, in which English and French people offered to teach languages or instruct children even in English and French, stating their nationality and address - a proof that the authorities did not put any particular difficulties in the way of these foreign ers, and that the people did not take advantage of knowing their addresses to molest them.

Yet when Jonah fairly takes out his purse, prudent suspicions still molest the Captain.

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In 1552 the new doctrines obtained complete recognition there, the diet of Torda (1557) going so far as to permit every one to worship in his own way so long as he did not molest his neighbour.

There is one enormous boa, the maja (Epicrates angulifer), which feeds on pigs, goats and the like, but does not molest man.

Against Richard, despite his pledges not to molest his lands.

The allies retired early in September and were not even able to molest the British trade convoys.

Meanwhile, they were to make no further innovations, they were not to molest the conservatives, and were to aid the emperor in suppressing the doctrines of Zwingli and of the Anabaptists.

No race at all, it would seem, except the Jews, has ever been able to regard a man's death as the end of him; and except in the higher forms of Christianity the dead are everywhere supposed to need the same sort of food, equipment, tenement and gear which they enjoyed in life, and to molest the living unless they obtain it.

Early in 1892 an amnesty was granted to the officers of the Balmaceda regime, and they were freely permitted to return to Chile without any attempt being made to molest them.