Sentence Examples with the word molded

Her small body molded against his.

Toni's body was all but molded around his midsection.

The yellow skirt of her sundress was molded to the soft curves one side of her body by a breeze.

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With a full water bottle and a full stomach and legs warmed to the rhythm of the ride, he became molded into a near trance as he churned up the Colorado miles.

The bed molded to her body with each movement, encouraging her to stay there even longer.

She molded her body to his, capturing his neck in her arms and forcing his lips to hers.

The energies flowing around her responded eagerly, and she molded and released them.

Slipping her arms around his neck, she boldly molded her body to his lean frame.

Capturing his neck again with eager arms, she molded her body to his, forcing his lips hard down onto her own.

She'd been molded to exist for one reason and expected to step aside when her purpose was fulfilled.