Sentence Examples with the word mohair

It was not until the introduction of cotton warps into the Bradford trade about 1836 that the true qualities of alpaca could be developed in the fabric. Where the cotton warp and mohair or alpaca weft plain-cloth came from is not known, but it was this simple yet ingenious structure which enabled Titus Salt, then a young Bradford manufacturer, to utilize alpaca successfully.

Large numbers of sheep and Angora goats are reared on the plateau, and fair horses are bred on the Uzun Yaila; but no effort is made to improve the quality of the wool and mohair or the breed of horses.

In 1836 Mr (afterwards Sir) Titus Salt developed the alpaca manufacture in the town; mohair was shortly afterwards introduced; and the great works at Saltaire were opened (see Shipley).

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For weaving, the most valuable pieces are mohair taken from the angora and vicuna.

During his governorship the resources of the colony had been increased by the opening up of the copper mines in Little Namaqualand, the mohair wool industry had been established and Natal made a separate colony.

The principal manufactures are: - Carpets, rugs, cotton, tobacco, mohair and silk stuffs, soap, wine and leather.

Wool, mohair and ostrich feathers were the chief exports, the only mineral exported being copper (from the Namaqualand mines).

It is an agricultural country, depending for its prosperity on its grain, wool (average annual export, 4,400,000 lb), and the mohair obtained from the beautiful Angora goats (average annual clip, 3,300,000 lb).

Exports of Mohair and Alpaca Yarns for T905.

Rough woollen cloth and mohair are woven by the natives, who also make excellent fire-arms and other weapons.