Sentence Examples with the word modification

As however Trumbic rallied the Yugoslav delegation to refuse the Franco-British project, Clemenceau the very next day introduced the important modification that Fiume should be an independent state under the League.

These may be formed by the modification of almost any of the appendages, often the antennules or antennae or some of the thoracic limbs, or even the mandibular palps (some Ostracoda).

With the constitutional changes of the 18th and 10th centuries, however, a corresponding modification took place in the character of the English episcopate; and a still further change resulted from the multiplication of colonial and missionary sees having no connexion with the state (see Anglican Communion).

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In a subsequent modification introduced in 1875 an electromotor was applied to drive the printing mechanism.

Tribes, chiefly of pastoral habits, settled down among others who were so nearly of their own type that a complete amalgamation could be effected, and this without any marked modification of the general characteristics of the earlier inhabitants.

From this passage, if we accept the Aristotelian view as to the early supremacy of the Areopagitic council, we must infer that a modification of the aristocracy in a popular direction had at that time already taken place.

But this modification made no difference to the Kantian and Neo-Kantian deduction from the epistemological to the metaphysical.

This is the principle of the modification of motion by the lever, which consists of a rigid body turning about a fixed axis called a fulcrum, and having two points at the same or different distances from that axis, and in the same or different directions, one of which receives motion and the other transmits motion, modified in direction and velocity according to the above law.

This modification was known as the Leipzig Interim; its advocates were stigmatized as Adiaphorists.

At first the indigenous populations were pitilessly deprived of their hunting and grazing grounds and compelled to resort to agriculture - a modification exceedingly hard for them, not only on account of their poverty but also because they were compelled to settle in the less favourable regions.