Sentence Examples with the word modicum

I knew she remained frightened and I sensed his knowledge of the apparent closeness of the Delabama killer gave at least a modicum of comfort.

But their psychological method and idealism produced another mistake - the tendency to a modicum of realism, as much as seemed to this or that author to follow from psychological idealism.

He had wanted to convey to Cynthia his concerns over Billy Langstrom's death, but he felt he owed his election bid at least a modicum of concentration if he didn't want to make a fool of himself.

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He felt an urge to stay and offer some modicum of comfort to this woman he hardly knew.

The only modicum of solace she felt came from Fred O'Connor's jailhouse assurances that Martha was not in harm's way.

In spite of the obviously trying circumstances, it's enlightening to entertain a guest who possesses some modicum of intelligence and civility.

I was pleased with the overall response and I think we collectively felt a modicum of relief.

During a life of incessant activity Chalmers scarcely ever allowed a day to pass without its modicum of composition; at the most unseasonable times, and in the most unlikely places, he would occupy himself with literary work.

More than a modicum of rusticity is needed as a protection to a man who attempts such colossal reforms. This necessity had its consequences in the disquieting inequalities of Wagner's early work, and the undeniable egotism that embittered his fiery nature throughout his life; while the cut-and-dried system of culture of later Wagnerian discipleship has revenged him in a specially sacerdotal type of tradition, which makes progress even in the study of his works impossible except through revolt.

Every one has his modicum of innate mana, or at least may develop it in himself by communicating with powers that can be brought into answering relation by the proper means.