Sentence Examples with the word modestly

This scheme was the work of Blasius Merrem, who, in a communication to the Academy of Sciences of Berlin on the t oth December 1812, which was published in its Abhandlungen for the following year (pp. 237-259), set forth a Tentamen systematis naturalis avium, no less modestly entitled than modestly executed.

In the contested election of 1159, for instance, though a majority of the cardinals had elected Cardinal Roland (Alexander III.), the defeated candidate Cardinal Octavian (Victor IV.), while his rival was modestly hesitating to accept the honour, seized the pluviale and put it on his own shoulders hastily, upside down; and it was on this ground that the council of Pavia in r 160 based their declaration in favour of Victor, and anathematized Alexander.

Our company name was modestly displayed by the front door for all to see.

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When she completed her task, she stepped up on the velvet chair, after modestly lifting her skirt ever so slightly.

Though Nicholas Rostov had kept firmly to his resolution and was still serving modestly in an obscure regiment, spending comparatively little, the way of life at Otradnoe--Mitenka's management of affairs, in particular--was such that the debts inevitably increased every year.

The voice on the telephone had belonged to a middle-aged woman dressed modestly in a dark suit.

The lavender striped knit top exposed soft shoulders and the beginning swell of generous breasts as modestly as it did her smooth flat midriff.

After studying theology in Geneva, Leiden and France, he became pastor of the Italian congregation in Geneva in 1647; after a brief pastorate at Lyons he again returned to Geneva as professor of theology in 1653, having modestly declined a professorship of philosophy in 1650.

She snatched the blanket and modestly drew it up to her chin.

He modestly declined the title of pater patriae; the memory of Claudius, and that of his own father Domitius were duly honoured.