Sentence Examples with the word modest

Each little change in the administration engendered a multitude of others, so that the modest attempts at reform were found to be like the letting out of water.

Croce has elaborated the various philosophic sciences in treating of the various theories to which they give rise, and he has completed the doctrines with their history, either, as in the case of the Aesthetic, with a masterly historical survey of previous speculation on the subject, or in a more modest form in appendices.

We motored by moderately maintained modest houses and empty spaces before turning onto the main street.

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The headquarters in Paris were removed from the modest rooms in the Rue Taranne, and established in large halls near the Boulevard Italien.

She collected a handful of the material in modest protest.

In many of their homilies Christ's baptism is also regarded as his regeneration by water and spirit, and this view almost transcends the modest adoptionism of the Thonraki as revealed in the Key of Truth.

My company was not unacceptable to the young and careless, as well as to the studious and literary; and as I took a particular pleasure in the company of modest women, I had no reason to be displeased with the reception I met with from them.

It proved a congenial task, and led to the writing of his Personal Memoirs, a frank, modest and charming book, which ranks among the best standard military biographies.

To Dean's mind, it seemed everyone passed him but there were more remaining behind him as he maintained his modest pace.

This was at once answered by a paper entitled A Just and Modest Vindication, 6-c., the first sketch of which is imputed to Sidney.