Sentence Examples with the word modernized

If the king or queen could either have had the political genius of Frederick the Great, or could have had the good fortune to find a minister with that genius, and the good sense and good faith to trust and stand by him against mobs of aristocrats and mobs of democrats; if the army had been sound and the states-general had been convoked at Bourges or Tours instead of at Paris, then the type of French monarchy and French society might have been modernized without convulsion.

The modernized town hall was originally built in 1448.

The castle has remains of Norman work in the keep, and other ancient portions (including the gateway) of later date, but is in part modernized as a residence.

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The cathedral (San Rufino) has a fine facade with three rose-windows of 1140; the interior was modernized in 1572.

C. Gi ttler, however, holds that it is a modernized form of the O.

On the Russian frontier Konigsberg, Danzig, Thorn, Posen, Glogau (and on a smaller scale Boyen in East Prussia and Graudenz on the Vistula) were modernized and improved.

There is no critical edition, and the only version available for the general reader is the modernized and abridged text published by Paulin Paris in vols.

Marco, modernized inside, still retains a beautiful facade of 1254 and a tower - in brick as elsewhere - and contains another tomb by Balduccio.

A fortification on one of the islands here was erected by Gustavus Vasa, but has been modernized and is maintained.

The old palace of the doges, originally a building of the 13th century, to which the tower alone belongs, the rest of the building having been remodelled in the 16th century and modernized after a fire in 1777, stands in the Piazza Umberto Primo near the cathedral, and now contains the telegraph and other government offices.