Sentence Examples with the word moderator

Having the moderator and clerks from the assembly of 1837, they retained the books and papers.

During 1902 -3 he was moderator of the Presbyterian Church in the United States.

But four years later the Church accorded him the highest honour in her power by choosing him as moderator of her general assembly.

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Having become senior moderator in mathematics and a fellow of Trinity, he took holy orders, and was appointed regius professor of divinity in Dublin University in 1866, a position which he retained until 1888, when he was chosen provost of Trinity College.

In 1897 he was chosen moderator of the general assembly, but his health prevented his accepting the post.

The moderator has no special power or supremacy over his brethren, but is honoured and obeyed as Primus inter pares.

He was elected moderator of the General Assembly held at Dundee in May 1597.

In 1753 he was elected moderator of the General Assembly; in 1771 he was appointed a dean of the Chapel Royal and chaplain to George III.

On an appeal to the assembly the moderator's decision was reversed, a new moderator was chosen, and the assembly adjourned to another place of meeting.

The moderator has not a deliberative, but only a casting vote.