Sentence Examples with the word moderately

Watering, which, except during the resting period, should generally be copious, is best done in the forenoon; while syringing should be done early in the morning before the sun becomes too powerful, and late in the afternoon to admit of the foliage drying moderately before night.

The waters of these two lakes are only moderately saline and may be used for live-stock but not for human beings.

He was moderately humorous in School of Rock, because he was so fervent.

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The fleece is moderately short, the wool being of close, fine, lustrous fibre, without any tendency to mat.

The narrow coastal strip seems to be moderately fertile, and the hills which in places come down to the seashore are covered with trees, among which the frankincense and other gumbearing trees are found.

Nilson (Ber., 1874, 7, p. 1719) digests the well-washed chamber mud with a moderately concentrated solution of potassium cyanide, whereby the element goes into solution in the form of potassium selenocyanide, KSe(CN), from which it is precipitated by hydrochloric acid.

The development of its scutes and spines varies exceedingly, and specimens may be found without any lateral scutes and with short spines, others with only a few scutes and moderately sized spines, and again others which possess a complete row of scutes from the head to the caudal fin, and in which the fin-spines are twice as long and strong as in other varieties.

The metapophyses are moderately developed, and there are no anapophyses.

The soil is a gravelly clay but moderately fertile, and cattle-raising is largely carried on.

There is a low, mountainous ridge, called the Zampo Palo, running through it, and its eastern shores have some moderately high bluffs, otherwise the island is low and swampy, and its shores, except the eastern end, are fringed with mud banks.