Sentence Examples with the word mock

The goddess she had been would mock her for choosing to become what she'd always despised.

The sun is alone, except in thick weather, when there sometimes appear to be two, but one is a mock sun.

Two of the children were mock battling while the three younger ones watched and cheered.

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A mock mass was begun, during which the lections were read cum farsia, obscene songs were sung and dances performed, cakes and sausages eaten at the altar, and cards and dice played upon it.

Such violations of holy things as making mock of the Scriptures, or even reciting them as one would ordinary literature, was sacrilege in the eyes of the rabbi.

Jackson twisted his face in a mock laugh and slapped his knee.

Philadelphus - Mock Orange.

When he donned the wolf's head, she slapped her hands to the sides of her face in mock horror.

Procured a mock trial, and his enemies burned him upon the Piazza in 1498.

So with a broken throne, the great gods mock that captive king; so like a Caryatid, he patient sits, upholding on his frozen brow the piled entablatures of ages.