Sentence Examples with the word mobilization

It is assumed that on mobilization these men are immediately available.

During mobilization in 1914 he was at the head of the German field railway service.

Within six years the mobilization arrangements were recast, the war against Denmark in 1864 proving an opportune test of the new system.

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The Rigsdag which assembled on the 23rd of February 1657 willingly granted considerable subsidies for mobilization and other military expenses; on the 15th of April Frederick III.

Bulgaria began her mobilization at the end of September, followed immediately by her allies; Turkey ordered mobilization on Oct.1; by Oct.

It did, indeed, assent to a treatyafterwards signed on behalf of the confederationby which Prussia and Austria guaranteed each other, but it resolutely opposed the mobilization of the confederate army.

The citizens, who were called upon to fight their battles, were usually unable to contend successfully with men whose whole lives had been passed in warfare; the isolation of the cities was not favorable to the creation or mobilization of an active and homogeneous force; and, moreover, at this time many of them were disturbed by internal troubles.

Germany viewed the Russian mobilization as an act of war and therefore declared war on Russia.

Venizelos then ordered a general mobilization of the Greek army and formally declared war against Germany and her allies.

Of loo companies (told off to garrisons, siege train and heavy field batteries) and 8 batteries mountain guns; the Corps of Royal Engineers, organized into mounted field troops, field companies, fortress, telegraph, railway, searchlight, balloon, wireless companies and bridging train; the Army Service Corps, divided into transport, supply, mechanical-transport and other companies and sections; the Royal Army Medical Corps of 35 companies; the Army Ordnance Corps; the Army Veterinary Corps; Army Post Office Corps (formed on mobilization only) and Army Pay Corps.