Sentence Examples with the word moated

Prospering by the law, William Howard of Wiggenhall rose to knight's rank and acquired by purchase Grancourt's manor in East Winch, near Lynn, where he had his seat in a moated house whose ruins remain.

Rose Hall, in the vicinity, is a moated manor of brick, of the 16th century.

The ruin of the ancient moated castle of Codnor stands, overlooking the vale of the Erewash, on land which was once Codnor Park,, and is now the site of large ironworks.

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It is surrounded with walls and towers, and defended by a large moated castle of great strength.

At a short distance from the town is a moated Elizabethan half-timbered house, and also an ancient barrow of great extent.

Among secular buildings, there is none more venerable than the Tower of London (q.v.), the moated fortress which overlooks the Thames at the eastern boundary of the City.

In the vicinity are New Hall, an interesting mansion of the 13th century, with a hall of the 16th, used as a boys' school; and Peddimore Hall, a moated mansion of the ancient family of Arden, of which there are slight remains.

In this period of anarchy the native princes of Glamorgan had their principal demesne, not at the camp but a mile to the north at Llystalybont, now merely a thatched farmhouse, while some Saxon invaders threw up within the camp a large moated mound on which the Normans about the beginning of the 12th century built the great shellkeep which is practically all that remains of their original castle.

The quarter extends to the strong moated citadel, which guards the harbour on the north-east.

Of Wrotham is the village of Ightham, in which is a fine quadrangular moated manor-house, the Mote, in part of the 14th century, but with portions of Tudor dates.