Sentence Examples with the word moat

The line of the original 12th century walls and moat is marked by the streets of which the names end in -graben, from the Hirschgraben on the W.

Finally these two councillors, together with Fabricius, secretary of the royal council, were thrown from the windows of the Hradcany into the moat below - an event known in history as the Defenestration of Prague.

Were rather splendid manor-houses, with some slight external protection of moat and gate- A h house, than old-fashioned castles.

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A strong wall and bastions, with a broad moat and outworks, and forts on the surrounding heights, give the city an appearance of great strength.

Not only was the wall of Anthemius restored, but, at the distance of 20 yds., another wall was built in front of it, and at the same distance from this second wall a broad moat was constructed with a breastwork along its inner edge.

Each of these canals marks the line of the city walls and moat at different periods.

A deep moat was dug outside it by Tukulti-Inaristi or Tukulti-Masu (about 1270 B.C.), and it was further defended on the land side by a salkhu or outwork.

The moat of the ancient castle built by the Mowbrays about 980 remains.

The walls of the moat were utilized for the cellars of the houses which soon occupied the site of the ramparts, and the ground, which had been covered by the citadel, was laid out in gardens.

This water, which is highly prized for its healing qualities, fills the moat and forms a fine lake in the northern quarter of the city.