Sentence Examples with the word mithra

See Cumont's Les Mysteres de Mithra (igoo), Eng.

Thus, in the later Avesta, we find not only Mithra but also purely popular divinities such as the angel of victory, Verethraghna, Anahita (Anaitis), the goddess of the water, Tishrya (Sirius), and other heavenly bodies, invoked with special preference.

See Franz Cumont, Textes et monuments figures relatifs aux mysteres de Mithra (Brussels, 1896, 1899), which has superseded all publications on the subject; Albrecht Dieterich, Eine Mithrasliturgie (Leipzig, 1903).

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The Mysteries of Mithra (1903).

After bringing about the success of the Asiatic cults of Mithra and Cybele, these same factors now assured the triumph over exhausted paganism of yet another oriental religionChristianity after a duel which had lasted two centuries.

The authentic doctrine of the Gathas had no room either for the cult of Mithra or for that of the Haoma.

Are the only Achaemenids who, in their inscriptions, invoke Anaitis and Mithra side by side with Ahuramazda.

Owing to its position, the Persian state, when it from time to time became a conquering empire, overlapped Asia Minor, Babylon and India, and hence acted as an intermediary for transmitting art and ideas, sending for instance Greek sculpture to India and the cult of Mithra to western Europe.

Were Mithra and Anaitis received into the official religion of the Persian kings.

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