Sentence Examples with the word mite

He even noted the fact that the pupa of the flea is sometimes attacked and fed upon by a mite - an observation which suggested the well.

A gall mite (Phytoptus pyri) sometimes severely injures the leaves, on which it forms blisters - the best remedy is to cut off and burn the diseased leaves.

The same naturalist describes the association with Lasius of small mites (Antennophorus) which are carried about by the worker ants, one of which may have a mite beneath her mouth, and another on either side of her abdomen.

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They might get a mite suspicious if you didn't try to give her a call.

Things were always a mite close.

Oieape, a mite), a genus of Arachnids, represented by the cheese mite and other forms.

She's been a mite tired lately.