Sentence Examples with the word misuse

Inherited incapacity for the choice of good is the punishment for Adam's misuse of freedom.

The peril attending the misuse of pictures in churches was recognized, but it was believed to be more than counterbalanced by the instruction given through them when their presence was not abused.

The sheriffs were kept very tightly in hand, and under incessant supervision; once in 1170 nearly the whole body of them were dismissed for misuse of their office.

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The misuse of the Eddic metaphors made the lyrical and epical poetry of the day hardly intelligible, and, to make matters worse, the language of the poets was mixed up with words of German and Danish origin.

His financial administration was sound and he guarded against any misuse of the revenues of the state.

Try not to misuse nouns as verbs or adjectives.

The supply of oil in this area was estimated at from 15,000,000,000 to 20,000,000,000 barrels; and the National Conservation Commission of 1908 expressed the opinion that in view of the rapid increase of production and the enormous loss through misuse the supply cannot be expected to last beyond the middle of this century.

In 1896 Peters was condemned by a disciplinary court for a misuse of official power, and lost his commission.

Charlemagne legislated with vigour against this tendency, trying to make it easier for the poor freeman to fulfil his military duties directly to the state, and to forbid the misuse of power by the rich, but he was not more successful than the Roman government had been in a like attempt.

It led, among other consequences, to an enormous misuse of bleeding.