Sentence Examples with the word misunderstanding

The question of the union with the Greek church, especially, gave rise to a misunderstanding between them which soon led to a rupture.

But the command of the extreme left flank had been assigned to the commander of the Pavlograd regiment in which Rostov was serving, and a misunderstanding arose.

If there is any misunderstanding and discord between you and Mary, I can't blame her for it at all.

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If the idea is that those who have a huge financial interest in the status quo will keep change from happening, this viewpoint represents a misunderstanding of how innovation has derailed every status quo there has ever been.

Sometimes a misunderstanding has arisen from not observing that this regulation is to be construed according to the tabular full moon as determined from the epact, and not by the true full moon, which, in general, occurs one or two days earlier.

Under this misunderstanding he signed the sham Dover treaty on the 31st of December 1670.

By a supreme effort was still able to maintain his armies; but the rout at Oudenarde, due to the misunderstanding between the duke of Burgundy and Vendme, left the northern frontier exposed, and the cannons of the Dutch were heard at Many.

Similarly, in regard to Albania, Visconti Venosta exchanged notes with Austria with a view to the prevention of any misunderstanding through the conflict between Italian and Austrian interests in that part of the Adriatic coast.

Some misunderstanding caused an outburst of ignorant ill-feeling on the part of the students, who proceeded to such lengths that Fichte was compelled to reside out of Jena.

The policy of the Assembly, moreover, hopelessly aggravated its misunderstanding with the king.