Sentence Examples with the word mistake

It is derived from the vernacular word for the cow, but it is a mistake to suppose that the family are of the cowherd caste; they belong to the upper class of Mahrattas proper, sometimes claiming a Rajput origin.

I made the mistake of telling her that parents of two of the girls wanted me here to protect them from thieves and murderers.

I won't make the mistake I made with you before.

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It is possible that the Apology was read to Hadrian in person when he visited Athens, and that the Syriac inscription was prefixed by a scribe on the analogy of Justin's Apology, a mistake being made in the amplification of Hadrian's name.

Her mistake was not realizing Greenie had a back-up plan.

It appears that Newton made the mistake of supposing that all prisms would give a spectrum of exactly the same length; the objections of his opponents led him to measure carefully the lengths of spectra formed by prisms of different angles and of different refractive indices; and it seems strange that he was not led thereby to the discovery of the different dispersive powers of different refractive substances.

It would be a mistake to attribute the fall of Aegina solely to the development of the Athenian navy.

But it is a mistake to assert, as many have asserted, that after the era of the above ten mastersthe latest of whom, SOmin, ceased to work in 187 InO bronzes comparable with theirs were cast.

Gabriel's biggest mistake was not forcing you to accept your new world from the start.

The play could not engender enough sympathy for Phillip Gellburg, a mistake which cannot be blamed on the script.