Sentence Examples with the word miss

Helen and Miss Sullivan returned to the Perkins Institution early in November.

In the three years during which at various times Miss Keller and Miss Sullivan were guests of the Perkins Institution, the teachers there did not help Miss Sullivan, and Mr. Anagnos did not even use the manual alphabet with facility as a means of communication.

During the winter Miss Sullivan and her pupil were working at Helen's home in Tuscumbia, and to good purpose, for by spring Helen had learned to write idiomatic English.

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About the time when he attained his majority he abandoned the Hebrew faith and conformed to the Anglican Church, a change which seems to have been connected with his marriage to Miss Wilkinson, which took place in 1793.

When the Wright-Humason School closed for the summer, Miss Sullivan and Helen went South.

I saw Miss Betty and her scholars.

I do miss Red Farm and the dear ones there dreadfully; but I am not unhappy.

I can't get Howie to leave and I miss Molly.

And though perhaps few children will have as much precocious interest in books as did Helen Keller, yet the natural curiosity of every healthy child may be turned to printed pages, especially if the teacher is clever and plays a word game as Miss Sullivan did.

At last sleep surprised me, and when Miss Sullivan returned she found me wrapped in a blanket by the hearth.