Sentence Examples with the word misrepresented

They misrepresented its terms, broke them, and accused the regent of breaking them.

In 1873 he published an important contribution to science, a map and paper in which he proved that the existing maps of Asia entirely misrepresented the physical formation of the country, the main structural lines being in fact from south-west to north-east, not from north to south, or from east to west as had been previously supposed.

But this governor was obstructed and misrepresented by local politicians as vehemently as his predecessors and his successors.

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There is no doubt that his thinking was unsystematic; but many of his critics have entirely misrepresented him (e.g.

In Holland and Zeeland William was supreme, but elsewhere his aims and his principles were misrepresented and misunderstood.

Moreover, hedonism has, especially by its critics, been very much misrepresented owing mainly to two simple misconceptions.

The great Puritan hero was a man after his own heart, and the portrait drawn by so sympathetic a writer is not only intensely vivid, but a very effective rehabilitation of misrepresented character.

If tradition has not misrepresented these paradoxes of time, space and motion, there is in Zeno's reasoning an element of fallacy.

Beethoven, we know, lost sympathy with his early works as he grew older; but that was because his later works absorbed his interest, not because his early works misrepresented his ideals.

His character has been misrepresented by Roman writers, whom his name inspired with terror down to the times of the empire.