Sentence Examples with the word misrepresentation

For the Love and Hate of Empedocles and the Nous (Intelligence) of Anaxagoras, Democritus substituted fixed and necessary laws (not chance; that is a misrepresentation due chiefly to Cicero).

Hence the reconstruction of all categorical judgments by merging subject and predicate, either on Brentano's or on Bradley's plan, is a misrepresentation even of normal categorical judgments of existence.

This gross misrepresentation has made hypothesis a kind of logical fashion.

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This, however, was a misrepresentation of his words.

There is perhaps no serious misrepresentation involved in regarding a key-thought of this type, though not necessarily expressed in those verbal forms, as pervading such logic of the present as coheres with a philosophy of the absolute conceived from a point of view that is intellectualist throughout.

The speeches abound in details which may be accepted as authentic, either because there is no reason for misrepresentation or on account of their circumstantiality.

Secondly, it is much more a misrepresentation of categorical judgments of non-existence.

PREVARICATION, a divergence from the truth, equivocation, quibbling, a want of plain-dealing or straightforwardness, especially a deliberate misrepresentation by evasive answers, often used as a less offensive synonym for a lie.

The guidance of Hans Richter has given us a sure bulwark against the misrepresentation of Wagner; and so there is hope that Wagner may yet be saved from such an oblivion in fetish-worship as has lost Handel to us for so long.

The goods and marks being the same, misrepresentation and damage could be safely inferred.