Sentence Examples with the word misreading

For instance, in the seventh homily the fable of the nuptials of the viper and the conger-eel,'known already to Aelian and Oppian, and proceeding from a curious misreading of Aristotle (Hist.

This criticism is based on a perverse misreading of the historian's observations on the age of Trajan, Hadrian and the Antonines.

But this is a misreading of both Roosevelt and history.

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For cases between Romans, however, Gundobald compiled the Lex Romana Burgundionum, called sometimes, through a misreading of the MSS., the Liber Papiani or simply Papianus.

There has also to be considered whether the text of the poetical passages has not often become corrupt, not only from ordinary causes but through the misunderstanding and misreading of north Arabian names on the part of late scribes and editors, the danger to Judah from north Arabia being (it is held) not less in pre-exilic times than the danger from Assyria and Babylonia, so that references to north Arabia are only to be expected.

Josh strolled across the room and glanced down at her - misreading her expression, as usual.

She tried hard to convince herself that she was misreading Wynn.

He used to be able to read her every thought, but lately he seemed to do more misreading than anything else.

These remarks apply especially to that venerable rationalization which evolves the whole legend from a misreading of Undecimilla, the name of Ursula's companion, into undecim millia, i.e.