Sentence Examples with the word misread

The pope and his French ally, Charles IV., whom it was proposed to seat upon the German throne, had completely misread the signs of the times, and their schemes met with very little favor in Germany.

Further, owing to the vast number of signs employed, to prevent confusion of one with another in rapid writing they were generally provided with phonetic complements, a group being less easily misread than a single letter.

This is clear when the first letter to Ney is studied with the orders, as it was meant to be; but Ney in the heat of action misread the later instructions.

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Claudia put on a pout, thinking she had misread Jackson's intentions for her.

Obviously he had forgotten it was there and he thought she had misread his intent.

They proved that he misread events and misunderstood his own position.

This appears gravely to misread history.

But this is just what the despatch does not state verbally and precisely, and accordingly Grouchy, like Ney on the 16th and 17th, misread it.

What bothered Dean most was his misread of Edith Shipton.

But in all probability these dates were only one development of those speculations in the region of numbers to which Gnosticism was so prone; and in any case to look for genuine traditions among Egyptian Gnostics, or even in the church of Alexandria, would be to misread the history of Christianity in the 2nd century.