Sentence Examples with the word misguided

He wasn't a bad man, just a misguided one.

My father was a misguided man.

Tradition has probably confused Benjamite risings with Absalom's misguided enterprise; the parts played by Shimei and Meribbaal, at all events, are extremely suggestive.

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Had been active and bustling princes, though their actions were misguided and inconsequent.

In the end the attack on Mr Smith-Barry completely failed, and he took back his misguided tenants.

This new face reminded him of everything he'd never be, of lost opportunities and misguided hope.

The bishop of Montreal and of Quebec, and a large number of the citizens, protested, but nothing less than bloodshed would satisfy the misguided patriots.

Certainly some of the medical practices of the ancient world, such as bloodletting and the use of leeches, seem to us at least misguided and at worst, barbaric.

The misguided animus of the impeachment as a piece of partisan politics was soon very generally admitted; and the importance of its failure, in securing the continued power and independence of the presidential element in the constitutional system, can hardly be over-estimated.