Sentence Examples with the word misery

During these two reigns the Egyptians suffered every kind of misery and the temples remained closed.

Yet in his misery he was still an agreeable companion.

Provinces, where the land was valued cheaper and the allotments somewhat increased after the Polish insurrection, the general situation might be better were it not for the former misery of the peasants.

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Moreover, the luxury with which they surrounded themselves, and the restaurant which they had annexed to their club, seemed to mock the misery of the half-starved proletariat, and added to the suspicion with which they were viewed, especially after the popular triumphs of the 20th of June and the 10th of August 1792 (see French Revolution).

Then his misery became more fearful than ever.

The process was completed by the misery of the decaying empire, and by the Germanic invasions.

His finances, therefore, remained embarrassed despite the comparative pause in the war, although in 1339 he had repudiated his debt to his Italian creditors, a default that brought about widespread misery in Florence.

Introduced the trial of witches and must bear the responsibility for the terrible misery which was afterwards brought on humanity by that institution.

When the war began he wished to prosecute it vigorously; but the stories of misery and mismanagement from the seat of war deprived the ministry of public favour.

On the 18th of December 1573 Alva, who to the end had persisted in his policy of pitiless severity, left Brussels, carrying with him the curses of the people over whom he had tyrannized for six terrible years of misery and oppression.