Sentence Examples with the word mirrored

She mirrored the movement, feeding meat to Jack as she ate.

Sarah mirrored his shocked countenance.

The lodge was in the next block and once again mirrored the others he'd visited since this business began.

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The maroon tapestry mirrored highlights in the rich hardwood floor.

Hot desire flowed through her and was mirrored on his face.

This immanent process of self-consciousness, wherein indeed a trinity of persons is not given but only rendered possible, is mirrored in, and takes place through, the eternal and impersonal idea or wisdom of God, which exists beside, though not distinct from, the primitive will.

The observation mirrored Dean's thoughts precisely.

Not till 1880, after the fall of the ministry of Jolly, was a reconciliation with Rome effected; in 1882 the archbishopric of Freiburg was again filled up. The political tendency of Baden, meanwhile, mirrored that of all Germany.

There in the blur of a passing auto and mirrored in descending waves of rain was the huddled figure of Cynthia Byrne stumbling across the parking lot toward the road and the beach beyond.

Darian's disapproving gaze mirrored Damian's, and Sofia hid her face against Damian's chest as the three men facing her gave her similar looks.