Sentence Examples with the word mirror

As he removed the beginnings of a mustache from his upper lip, he glanced at her in the mirror and grinned.

Thus, any fixed telescope directed towards the mirror of a properly adjusted coelostat in motion will show all the stars in the field of view at rest; or, by rotating the polar axis independently of the clockwork, the observer can pass in review all the stars visible above the horizon whose declinations come within the limits of his original field of view.

He glanced at her in the mirror and continued shaving.

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I figured these abductions mirror some old case, and then there's a time break of a few years, like he was away.

He crossed to a mirror and pulled her in front of him.

One diaphragm gives the mirror a movement in a vertical direction while the other gives it a horizontal motion.

From the mirror magnet and to the east of the latter, and the whole instrument is turned till the centre division of the scale B coincides with the cross-wire of the telescope, when the readings of the verniers on the azimuth circle are noted.

He turned from the mirror and gazed down at her solemnly.

The rays, rendered parallel by the collimator objective, meet a plane mirror (f) of silvered glass, which reflects them to the prisms (g, g').

She dressed then went through the motions of brushing her teeth and dressing without the aid of a mirror, irritated that the only mirror in the bedroom was in the inside door of the wardrobe.