Sentence Examples with the word minutes

Five minutes later, gently swaying on the soft springs of the carriage, he turned to Prince Andrew.

Five minutes later little black-eyed three-year-old Natasha, her father's pet, having learned from her brother that Papa was asleep and Mamma was in the sitting room, ran to her father unobserved by her mother.

He was only awake a few minutes and then fell asleep again.

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In ten minutes the table was ready and a napkin spread on it.

Howie had difficulty locating the apartment and nothing untoward occurred before he was awoken by the sound of a horn, seventeen minutes later.

After a few minutes of rest she'd go help them.

A few minutes later, she sat in the living room, granola bar clenched between her teeth while she tied her shoes.

Hiding her desire for him seemed a wise thing to do a few minutes ago, but maybe he thought she kissed every man like that.

It had an industrial size spring and continued its metallic scream for what seemed like five minutes as Dean buried his head beneath the pillow.

For a few minutes he sipped it in silence.