Sentence Examples with the word mint

The Villa Munichen or Forum ad monachos, so called from the monkish owners of the ground on which it lay, was first called into prominence by Duke Henry the Lion, who established a mint here in 1158, and made it the emporium for the salt coming from Hallein and Reichenhall.

The office of master of the Mint is held by the chancellor of the exchequer for the time being, without salary, but the actual administrative work of the department is entrusted to the deputy master and comptroller.

A circular building identified (bv Svoronos) as the Attic mint in the Peloponnesian War, was cleared, and a fine archaic relief of an ephebe crowning himself was discovered.

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The principal public buildings are the cathedral, which is classed among the best in South America, the convent of San Domingo, which partly occupies the site of the great Temple of the Sun of the Incas, the cabildo or government-house, a university founded in 150, a college of science and arts, a public library, hospital, mint and museum of Incarial antiquities.

A mint at Yun-nan Fu issued annually ior,000,000 cash.

It was introduced by Sir John Barton at the Royal Mint in 1816 and was abandoned there in 1905.

A mint at Ottawa was opened in 1908 for the manufacture of all Canadian coins as well as English sovereigns.

A mint was opened in Hong-Kong in 1866 but was closed in 1868 and the machinery sold to Japan.

The existing London Mint was erected on Tower Hill in 1810.

Forcing is the accelerating, by special treatment, of the growth of certain plants, which are required to be had in leaf, in flower or in fruit before their natural season, - as, for instance, the leaves of mint at Eastertide or the leafstalks of sea-kale and rhubarb at Christmas, the flowers of summer in the depth of winter, or some of the choicest fruits perfected so much before their normal period as to complete, with the retarded crops of winter, the circle of the seasons.