Sentence Examples with the word ministry

The elections of 1854 modified the parliamentary situation by increasing the strength of the Conservatives; the ministry resigned and a new one was formed, under Pierre de Decker, of moderate Catholics and Progressives.

In this cabinet he at first held the ministry of finance.

He carried with him into the ministry his close Birmingham municipal associates, Mr Jesse Collings (as under secretary of the home office), and Mr J.

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In December 1852, however, be became first lord of the treasury and head of a coalition ministry of Whigs and Peelites.

She became the great protectress of the Jansenists; it was in her house that Arnauld, Nicole and De Lane were protected; and to her influence must be in great part attributed the release of Lemaistre De Sacy from the Bastille, the introduction of Pomponne into the ministry and of Arnauld to the king.

The ministry asserted, what no competent jurist would now think of denying, that parliament is sovereign; but they went heartily with Pitt in pronouncing the exercise of the right of taxation in the case of the American colonists to be thoroughly impolitic and inexpedient.

The main points are as follows: according to Mark, at the beginning of the Galilean ministry Jesus saw Peter and Andrew fishing.

To show his hand by using his veto, so that his complicity should be plainly declared, to replace his Feuillant ministrydisparate in birth, opinions and ambitionsby the Girondin ministry of Dumouriez-Roland (March I 0), no more united than the other, but believers in a republican crusade for the overthrow The war of thrones, that of Louis XVI.

In the West, among the Medes and Persians, the guardianship Th and ministry of Zoroastrianism is vested in an exclusive e priesthoodthe Magians.

The king refused to open parliament unless the barricades were removed, and while the moderate elements attempted to bring about conciliation, the ministry acted with great weakness.