Sentence Examples with the word minimize

The doublings play a very important part in the appearance of the ultimate rove and yarn, for the chief reason for doubling threads or slivers is to minimize irregularities of thickness and of colour in the material.

Thus in1877-1878efforts were made to minimize contamination by segregating the worst criminals and restricting conversation at exercise.

You need to ascertain where the value lies, in order to minimize your risk.

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The South German states that should minimize the risk of a French attack.

A school needs to approach allegations practically to minimize the negative effects as much as possible.

The fact is that Melanchthon sought, not to minimize differences, but to veil them under an intentional obscurity of expression.

By mediating in favour of the emperor, after the death of Gustavus Adolphus in 1632, he tried to minimize the influence of Sweden in Germany, and did glean some minor advantages.

The arbitrator shall use all reasonable efforts to minimize discovery and to complete the arbitration proceedings as expeditiously as possible.

Napoleon had, of course, accepted the risk of such an attack, but he sought at the same time to minimize it by summoning every available battalion to the scene.

Theodor Abeling, who is disposed to reject or minimize the mythical origins, further suggests a confusion of the story of Attila's wife Ildico with that of the murder of Sigimund the Burgundian by the sons of Chrothildis, wife of Clovis.