Sentence Examples with the word minimal

Dean's day was calming down, mellowed by his minimal consumption of ale and the coziness of Bird Song's kitchen.

It smelled natural and so minimal he had to search for it.

Poor Martha lacked even a minimal paper trail on her short, disjointed life.

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It is a minimal surface, i.e.

It follows, too, that when there is a number of substances, all essential for the elaboration of living material, and when one of these is present in minimal proportion, that one substance rules the production, just as the effective strength of a chain depends on the weakest link.

When the Deans tried to buy her even a minimal number of new items, she became embarrassed and pensive, no doubt a result of Janet's don't-rock-the-boat philosophy.

There were too many lengthy phone calls to Massachusetts and minimal attention to our other life.

Awards shall be final, binding and non-appealable (except on the minimal grounds required under the Federal Arbitration Act or other applicable law).

I busied myself with the minimal duties of Econ Scrutiny's work.

The plankton, both animal and vegetable, attains its minimal values and many of the larger forms of animal life pass into a kind of condition of hibernation.