Sentence Examples with the word mineralogy

Streeter, Precious Stones and Gems (6th ed., 1898); Dana, System of Mineralogy (1899); Kunz and others, The Production of Precious Stones (in annual, Mineral Resources of the United States); M.

There is a museum of zoology and mineralogy in Palazzo Carignano (another of Guarini's buildings), and the royal palace contains the royal armoury (a fine collection made by Charles Albert in 1833) and the royal library with its rich manuscript collection and its 20,000 drawings, among which are sketches by Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Although for a long time lecturers and professors had been attached to universities, generally their duties had also included the study of physics, mineralogy and other subjects, with the result that chemistry received scanty encouragement.

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In 1855 he was appointed professor of mineralogy and geology at the Polytechnic Institute at Karlsruhe, and he took part in the geological survey of Baden.

After studying chemistry and mineralogy in Union College he had several years' experience of their application, especially at a glassfactory of which his father was manager, and in 1817 published his Vitreology.

Buckland, Geology and Mineralogy (4th ed., 1869); 0.

It has a geological and mineralogical museum and under its supervision is carried on the state geological and natural history survey, the state geologist being head of the department of geology and mineralogy of the university.

He then voluntarily gave courses of lectures on mineralogy and geology: these were delivered in the dark chambers under the Ashmolean Museum, and there J.

He dealt also with the geology and mineralogy of New Brunswick and Prince Edward's Island.

In the latter year he was appointed to the chair of chemistry, mineralogy and geology in the university of North Carolina.