Sentence Examples with the word mineral kingdom

A paper discovered many years after his death showed that he had anticipated later thinkers in explaining the cyclical process of animal and vegetable life, for he pointed out that plants derive their food from the air, from water, and in general from the mineral kingdom, and animals in turn feed on plants or on other animals fed by plants, while the materials thus taken up by plants and animals are restored to the mineral kingdom by the breaking-down processes of fermentation, putrefaction and combustion.

Oddo, Chemisches Centralblatt, 1896, 228.) Acid calcium silicates are represented in the mineral kingdom by gyrolite, H2Ca2(S103)3 H20, a lime zeolite, sometimes regarded as an altered form of apophyllite, which is itself an acid calcium silicate containing an alkaline fluoride, by okenite, H2Ca(S103)2 H20, and by xonalite 4CaSiO 3 41 2 O.

Strontium sulphate, SrSO 4, found in the mineral kingdom as celestine, is formed when sulphuric acid or a soluble sulphate is added to a solution of a strontium salt.