Sentence Examples with the word miner

In order to get a practical knowledge of mining he worked for a few months as a miner at the Wiethe colliery.

The Indian army consists of 138 battalions of infantry, 10 regiments of cavalry, 16 mountain batteries, i garrison artillery company, 32 sapper and miner companies (2 railways companies included).

In May the rivers open, the cleared land thaws out, and by June the miner is again at work.

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Friedel achieved distinction both in miner alogy and organic chemistry.

Gases, consisting principally of light carburetted hydrogen or marsh gas, are of ten present in considerable quantity in coal, in a dissolved or occluded state, and the evolution of these upon exposure to the air, especially when a sudden diminution of atmospheric pressure takes place, constitutes one of the most formidable dangers that the coal miner has to encounter.

During the revolt of the miner Engelbrekt, it twice fell into the hands of the rebels - in 1434 and 1436.

Maybe some miner lost his finger and when they rushed him to a doctor the severed piece was lost.