Sentence Examples with the word mine

At last, just as the kingdom had become the personal property of the king, so the officialsdukes, counts, royal vicars, tribunes, centenariiwho had for the most part bought their unpaid offices by means of presents to the monarch, came to look upon the public service rather as a mine of official wealth than as an administrative organization for furthering the interests, material or moral, of the whole nation.

Yes, these eyes are windows, and this body of mine is the house.

The care of the health of the working force should be entrusted to competent mine physicians, thoroughly familiar with the conditions under which the miners work, and with the special diseases to which they are subject.

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Or being upset because someone else's borzoi and not mine catches something.

They were heaped up, before the beams supporting the central chamber had rotted, thieves made a practice of driving a mine into the mound straight to where the valuables were deposited, and it is only by the collapse of this mine and the crushing of the robber after he had thrown everything into confusion that the treasures of the Chertomlyk barrow, on the whole the most typical, were preserved to us.

Everything on mine is original - including the paint job.

The decision was made at levels higher than mine that we are sending in everything we have in three days.

These letters, of which 311 are extant, are filled chiefly with pious meditations, but they further form a mine of information as to the literary and social conditions of the time, and are the most reliable authority for the history of humanism in the Carolingian age.

On the 27th of January 1905, the largest diamond in the world, weighing 30254 carats, over 12 lb avoirdupois, was found in the mine and named the Cullinan.

This region has been industrially regenerated by the mine development.