Sentence Examples with the word minden

A large salt-work is found at Strzalkowo (Posen), and smaller ones near Dortmund, Lippstadt and Minden (Westphalia).

He was awarded a prebend at Minden for his services as a topographical engineer on the day of Valmy, and after serving through the campaigns of 1793 and 1794 he published a number of memoirs on the military history of these years.

From Minden by the main line of railway from Hanover to Cologne, with a station on the Lane-Hameln line.

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From this time the French were kept well employed in the west by Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick, who defeated them at Crefeld in 1758, and at Minden in 1759.

From 1807 to 1814 Minden was included in the kingdom of Westphalia, and in the latter year it passed to Prussia.

Archbishop Christopher was succeeded in 1558 by his brother Georg, bishop of Minden (d.

The bishopric of Minden embraced an area of about 400 sq.

In 1370 Gerard of Minden wrote a poetical version of Romulus in Low German.

An active trade is promoted by several trunk lines of railway which cross the province (total mileage in 1906, 1889 m., exclusive of light railways) and by the navigation of the Weser (on which Minden has a port), Ems, Ruhr and Lippe.

FRIEDRICH WILHELM BESSEL (1784-1846), German astronomer, was born at Minden on the 22nd of July 1784.